Routine tuning will help keep your instrument in pitch, prevent damage, and help your investment maintain it's value.

Piano Care

Repairs, adjustments, and humidity control are just a few of the services we offer to help you care for your piano.


Servicing all makes and models of pianos.

Basic Tuning


Standard 6 month tuning for a piano less than 10 cents from pitch.

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Pitch Raise


If more than 10 cents per pitch this service might be required.

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Concert Tuning


Service meant for performers and recording studios in professional settings. Will remain on site for the performance and tune as many times as necessary, in between takes and performances. Can also include minor regulation throughout the service.

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Piano Care

With over 10,000 connected and moving parts keeping your piano in good regulation and repair is essential for it's life-long health and playability.

Repairs can range from broken keys to broken strings and encompass many of the parts in between that make the piano function. Generally these run at $60 an hour, but each job is different, and other issues can arise while trying to solve current problems, especially in older pianos. Feel free to contact me with any questions about repairs.

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Using a variety of techniques on the hammers, including sanding, needling or applying lacquer. This can be done to brighten or soften the tone of individual notes, or the whole piano.

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Getting many or all parts set to suggested factory specs. This could include adjusting letoff, drop, alignment, checking, spring tension, and many other things as well. Contact for more info.

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Humidifier Install


Installation of Dammp Chaser Humidification System. Protects your piano from changes in the weather and humidity. Maintains tuning and general regulation very effectively. This comes with a starter kit with the liquid solution, water can and pads. Highly recommended for new pianos.

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Humidifier Service


Change out the pads and clean the system.

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Soundboard Cleaning


Cleaning dust or stains underneath the strings.

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Doing a diagnostic check of the piano to determine its condition and useablilty. This can also be applied if a piano is determined to be untunable during the process of a tuning appointment.

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